Friday, September 28, 2007

#2 Few Pointers from Lifelong Learners

I don't know why I hadn't written on this activity. Actually, from the beginning I read almost every time I went into this, someone's blog relating their experience in completing the task. I found that I spent more time then most because I actually did listen to the podcasts and actually read all the written documentation and then tried to do all the exercises where some people told me they just looked said okay and moved on.

#23 A Brief Summary of this Program

Wow!! Finally, I didn't think I'd ever get through this. And believe me, I would not have without help from people who I have mentioned in some of my posts as assisting me in completing this experience. Yes, it was an experience. I would say overall, I have never signed into or would sign into as many websites as I have and probably will not again. I would have prefered to muddle through this on a weekly basis with a group of people who are as techonology challenged as I am. I know that I am not and will never be a "tecky" it is simply not my thing. I can now say that I have been there, done it and boy am I glad I finally got finished!

#22 Titles Available for Audibooks

I visited the website Project Gutenberg. I looked at the list of downloaded ebooks in the last 30 days which was pretty amazing and the list of titles that were available. If you were a student and needed to read a particulat book that you could not get a hard copy this is really a great website. I personally probably would not use it because I have tried listening to a book on tape and find that I prefer to actually see the words in print. I find that I do not retain information as well when listening as I become distracted to easily although I know many, many commuters find this helps to pass the time.

#21 Useful Search Tools

I visited the Yahoo podcast which is closing down podcast site on October 31st. I then visited podcastalley. I went into Sony pictures where I saw the preview for two movies one of which was The Other Boleyn Sister. My sons download from Itunes so I am aware of this website and how it operates. I know many people today may download perhaps a TV series and watch it while taking the metro to work to pass the time and have listened to all the podcasts that were presented throughout this entire learning process.

#19 Web 2.0 Awards List

I selected the short list of winners. I went into arcaplayand play wacky word search. This is where I could spend a lot of time. I enjoy doing crossword, word search, sudoku, solitaire and I used to play Mahjong for hours on the computer(spending way to much time) so although I'm sure I could spend time in this website which also took me to ebay to buy games I think I will try to control myself.

#18 Online Productivity Tools

I did make a document in Zoho and tried to publish it to my blogspot but was not able to accomplish this. I was able to send as email to myself at my email work address. I did enjoy this activity and found with a little bit of time could use this without much unnecessary stress.